Sustainable Investing is a Debt we Owe to Our Children


Toward that end, AD Lubow created a website for The Cranemere Group Limited, a wonderful, new Investment Holding Company that adheres to intelligent Environmental, Social Governance policies. It’s very telling that the first button on the navigation bar is not “Who We Are.” It’s “Who You Are.” Right from the start, Cranemere demonstrates its interest in builders of great companies with longer-term vision.

AD Lubow is extending its expertise in “doing good” to private enterprises that “invest for good.” We are now speaking to other investment houses about concepts for new ESG and Impact Investing products.

An Integrated Strategic Digital Content Campaign for Columbia School of the Arts

Through strategic video and content production, programmatic digital media planning, fine grained analytics and a strategy to make the campaign look more like news than advertising, we have been able to increase attendance at events, raise applications and increase awareness of this unique community of scholars, artists and achievers. As a matter of fact, the Dean characterized the selection of AD Lubow as “an awesomely good thing for the school.”

Look for more films and content in the near future.

yOttOy Productions Website Re-Launch


yOttOy Productions is a toy company that creates exceptional character toys to be cherished for generations.

We were tasked with re-developing a new, feature-rich website, integrating a system that would allow them manage everything themselves.

The site now boasts a greater clarity of design, responsive capabilities, and features a store locator, social media widgets, the ability to manage products and inventory, calculate shipping, fulfill orders, and track sales.

Order your yOttOy today!

Own Your Future


When Tom Friedman wrote this week about the importance of lifelong learning to anyone who wants to hold on to a job and grow a career, he made sure to call attention to the work of the College Board and Khan Academy.

“We analyzed 250,000 students from the high school graduating class of 2017 who took the new PSAT and then the new SAT,” College Board president David Coleman told me. “Students who took advantage of their PSAT results to launch their own free personalized improvement practice through Khan Academy advanced dramatically: 20 hours of practice was associated with an average 115-point increase from the PSAT to the SAT — double the average gain among students who did not.

“Practice advances all students without respect to high school G.P.A., gender, race and ethnicity or parental education. And it’s free. Our aim is to transform the SAT into an invitation for students to own their future.”

See Friedman’s full New York Times piece here.

We at ADLubow are proud of our role in creating videos for the College Board / Khan Academy partnership.

Rockwell, Roosevelt & The Four Freedoms


We are very proud to have been chosen to create the branding and advertising for this important exhibition that will travel our nation and France. Our aim is to make everyone think deeply about the meaning of freedom.

Toward that end, we invite you to read an essay by no less that Stephen Vincent Benét, first published along with Norman Rockwell’s brilliant “Freedom from Fear” by the Saturday Evening Post in 1943. It’s a far cry from cable news. Think about it.

Freedom from Fear
by Stephen Vincent Benét
Published in the The Saturday Evening Post, March 13, 1943

What do we mean when we say “freedom from fear”? It isn’t just a formula or a set of words. It’s a look in the eyes and a feeling in the heart and a thing to be won against odds. It goes to the roots of life — to a man and a woman and their children and the home they can make and keep.

Continue reading “Rockwell, Roosevelt & The Four Freedoms”

Columbia School of International and Public Affairs Taps AD Lubow for Media Planning and Digital Marketing Strategy

The most global of public policy schools — Columbia University’s School of International and Public Affairs — wisely recognizes that behind the most sophisticated methods for Digital Marking to a worldwide audience is a dedicated staff executing the planning and analytics with diligence, integrity and tender loving care. Whether it’s using a programmatic ad exchange, targeting highly focused groups on social media, or advertising directly with partners, we can collect audience data and track real interactions like never before. But this data is only valuable if someone can make it human. That’s why we’re so proud that SIPA chose AD Lubow as its partner.

Humor, Judgement and the Leadership of the Free World

Here’s the question of the week: Does a presidential candidate who doesn’t know what’s funny have the judgement to lead the free world? Watching the performance of the candidates at last week’s Al Smith Memorial Foundation Dinner, you have to wonder.

But as reported in our previous blog, Master of Ceremonies, Al Smith IV was funny. And we were proud to write two of the best jokes. This week, you can see for yourself in this video segment:

At 2:44, catch: Governor Christie was supposed to be here; but he got stuck in bridge traffic.

And enjoy the many levels of the intro for Donald Trump at 7:08: Donald, the microphone is yours; and it’s working.

Cheers for a Quintessentially New York Icon – Us.


New York is a city that never sleeps, but somehow always dreams.

October 20, 2016 was one such night — with the legendary Al Smith Memorial Foundation Dinner at the Waldorf and the dazzling American Ballet Theatre Fall Gala across town at Lincoln Center. Our firm was proud to be a part of both.

If the Waldorf needed a little extra injection of history and tradition, members of the audience found it in the multimedia slide presentation we produced chronicling the Foundation’s honorees — from Winston Churchill to John F. Kennedy to Barack Obama. And lest anyone forget why the dinner remains such a New York icon, our presentation featured 40 of the worthiest charitable initiatives supported by the proceeds. It was all there in the background, without intruding on the spectacle of the evening.

If you liked some of Al Smith IV’s barbs, we’ll take credit for these:

“Governor Christie wanted to be here. But he got stuck in bridge traffic”
“Donald, the microphone is yours. And it’s working.”

A Better Test for a Better World that Speaks to a Student’s “Big Future”

Imagine a college entrance test that doesn’t just decree a numerical grade, it also offers constructive comments on how each student can improve and refers them to a free, tailored online prep course.

The College Board is going beyond just testing students. As our Big Future animation tells high school students: “Think of Big Future as your personal GPS” that will show the way to a better education and admission to the right college.

You really have to cheer on the College Board for this new outlook. And AD Lubow is proud to play a part. If it matters, we’re there.