Student Recruitment Video for Higher Yields: Profile Your Prospect’s Dreams

When most educators think of student recruitment videos, they think of increased applications. But an even more telling result is higher yields: the percentage of elite accepted students who choose to attend. Thanks in large part to our new video series for  the Columbia School of the Arts MFA in Film, an historically high percentage of accepted students chose Columbia.

Our series has a solid creative strategy: We stressed the remarkable number of students winning acclaim for their films at major festivals all over the world — even before they graduate. And we illustrated how the faculty of active filmmakers encourage their students to tell their story and find their voice.

We’re known for our ability to simplify a client’s message to maximize its power and reach. Our video series succinctly frames our client’s story into just two words: Do. Tell.

We were originally commissioned to do only an omnibus film. Notice, though, how the two days of shooting continue to yield shorter student and faculty profile films that can be pushed out on social media.

• Collaboration and the Art of Film
• From Thesis to Feature Film
• Finding Your Voice

Please also view the first of this new series of faculty Words of Wisdom. We call it WoW!
• How to Deal with Writer’s Block
• Truth in Storytelling

Remember when it comes to effective social media video: Serialize!  Provide news and useful information. And profile not only your current students, but also your prospect’s dreams.

From Gala Balls to Butterfly Books, What Don’t We Do?


These days, if an advertising agency wants to be effective, it has to do more than advertise. It has to create something useful and meaningful. That’s why you’ll find our team dreaming up museum exhibitions that educate and raise funds at the same time; Welcome Centers that help visitors map out a day at a nature center; messaging for no less than Pope Francis; and educational films that are transforming the likes of the College Board and Columbia School of the Arts.

For our latest venture in unconventionality, we created a children’s book for The Sands Point Preserve Conservancy’s Butterfly Ball.

We’ve even written and recorded a hymn which, if all goes according to plan, will raise funds for a diversity of voices.

We’ll get to that next week.

No Ordinary Angel


Feb. 21, 2018, Guastavino’s New York. A tribute by Arthur Lubow to Helen Lowe, a client for more than four decades.

Wow, 250 people! 250 Disciples of Helen Lowe have come from far and wide.

Why are we here?  We’re here tonight because of an angel.

Helen is no ordinary angel. To tell the truth, she’s no angel.

Actually, she’s a person of this world who is intensely demanding.

Anyone who has ever worked with her knows: she’s never satisfied, and every one of her projects goes through a process of divine chaos where up until the last possible moment, all is lost. All is ruined. And then, as if by the grace of God, the sun shines and everything miraculously comes together. No one knows how. It’s a mystery.

How does she do it?

As best I can describe, there is a divine, chaotic universe of light within Helen’s brain full of supernovas, shooting stars and beautiful planets. If you’ve ever tried to understand one of her rambling sentences, you’ve been on that celestial journey.  I would love to know what it’s like to be a synapse in Helen’s brain. It must be like living perpetually in an amusement park, trying to sleep on a roller coaster.

This is a restless, impatient angel.

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Envisioning a New Visitor’s Center

Our design for the Sands Point Preserve Conservancy’s new Welcome Center & Gift Shop, which started as an animated rendering, transformed an unused space into a place that welcomes guests with:

• An illustrated timeline of key moments in Sands Point Preserve history

• A full-walled Trails and Buildings Map with an inset interactive touch screen display

• A mural photograph depicting children entering Sands Point Preserve, as if it were a secret garden

• A small shop with gifts and refreshments

With a new branding identity, new website and new visitor center, AD Lubow is teaming with Sands Point Preserve Managing Director, Beth Horn, to renew and preserve a crucially important slice of history. Movies and TV shows are being shot at the Preserve’s giant sound stage, weddings are being celebrated in Gatsby-like splendor, and concerts are being presented in the kind of venue for which they were meant. Seasonal celebrations; education programs for children, families and adults; fitness and wellness programs; and guided nature walks are being enjoyed throughout the splendid grounds. Many more plans to come. Be on the lookout for a demonstration vegetable gardens, farm-to-table chef nights and much more. Welcome to Sands Point Preserve.

Sustainable Investing is a Debt we Owe to Our Children


Toward that end, AD Lubow created a website for The Cranemere Group Limited, a wonderful, new Investment Holding Company that adheres to intelligent Environmental, Social Governance policies. It’s very telling that the first button on the navigation bar is not “Who We Are.” It’s “Who You Are.” Right from the start, Cranemere demonstrates its interest in builders of great companies with longer-term vision.

AD Lubow is extending its expertise in “doing good” to private enterprises that “invest for good.” We are now speaking to other investment houses about concepts for new ESG and Impact Investing products.

An Integrated Strategic Digital Content Campaign for Columbia School of the Arts

Through strategic video and content production, programmatic digital media planning, fine grained analytics and a strategy to make the campaign look more like news than advertising, we have been able to increase attendance at events, raise applications and increase awareness of this unique community of scholars, artists and achievers. As a matter of fact, the Dean characterized the selection of AD Lubow as “an awesomely good thing for the school.”

Look for more films and content in the near future.

yOttOy Productions Website Re-Launch


yOttOy Productions is a toy company that creates exceptional character toys to be cherished for generations.

We were tasked with re-developing a new, feature-rich website, integrating a system that would allow them manage everything themselves.

The site now boasts a greater clarity of design, responsive capabilities, and features a store locator, social media widgets, the ability to manage products and inventory, calculate shipping, fulfill orders, and track sales.

Order your yOttOy today!

Own Your Future


When Tom Friedman wrote this week about the importance of lifelong learning to anyone who wants to hold on to a job and grow a career, he made sure to call attention to the work of the College Board and Khan Academy.

“We analyzed 250,000 students from the high school graduating class of 2017 who took the new PSAT and then the new SAT,” College Board president David Coleman told me. “Students who took advantage of their PSAT results to launch their own free personalized improvement practice through Khan Academy advanced dramatically: 20 hours of practice was associated with an average 115-point increase from the PSAT to the SAT — double the average gain among students who did not.

“Practice advances all students without respect to high school G.P.A., gender, race and ethnicity or parental education. And it’s free. Our aim is to transform the SAT into an invitation for students to own their future.”

See Friedman’s full New York Times piece here.

We at ADLubow are proud of our role in creating videos for the College Board / Khan Academy partnership.

Rockwell, Roosevelt & The Four Freedoms


We are very proud to have been chosen to create the branding and advertising for this important exhibition that will travel our nation and France. Our aim is to make everyone think deeply about the meaning of freedom.

Toward that end, we invite you to read an essay by no less that Stephen Vincent Benét, first published along with Norman Rockwell’s brilliant “Freedom from Fear” by the Saturday Evening Post in 1943. It’s a far cry from cable news. Think about it.

Freedom from Fear
by Stephen Vincent Benét
Published in the The Saturday Evening Post, March 13, 1943

What do we mean when we say “freedom from fear”? It isn’t just a formula or a set of words. It’s a look in the eyes and a feeling in the heart and a thing to be won against odds. It goes to the roots of life — to a man and a woman and their children and the home they can make and keep.

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Columbia School of International and Public Affairs Taps AD Lubow for Media Planning and Digital Marketing Strategy

The most global of public policy schools — Columbia University’s School of International and Public Affairs — wisely recognizes that behind the most sophisticated methods for Digital Marking to a worldwide audience is a dedicated staff executing the planning and analytics with diligence, integrity and tender loving care. Whether it’s using a programmatic ad exchange, targeting highly focused groups on social media, or advertising directly with partners, we can collect audience data and track real interactions like never before. But this data is only valuable if someone can make it human. That’s why we’re so proud that SIPA chose AD Lubow as its partner.