Envisioning a New Visitor’s Center

Our design for the Sands Point Preserve Conservancy’s new Welcome Center & Gift Shop, which started as an animated rendering, transformed an unused space into a place that welcomes guests with:

• An illustrated timeline of key moments in Sands Point Preserve history

• A full-walled Trails and Buildings Map with an inset interactive touch screen display

• A mural photograph depicting children entering Sands Point Preserve, as if it were a secret garden

• A small shop with gifts and refreshments

With a new branding identity, new website and new visitor center, AD Lubow is teaming with Sands Point Preserve Managing Director, Beth Horn, to renew and preserve a crucially important slice of history. Movies and TV shows are being shot at the Preserve’s giant sound stage, weddings are being celebrated in Gatsby-like splendor, and concerts are being presented in the kind of venue for which they were meant. Seasonal celebrations; education programs for children, families and adults; fitness and wellness programs; and guided nature walks are being enjoyed throughout the splendid grounds. Many more plans to come. Be on the lookout for a demonstration vegetable gardens, farm-to-table chef nights and much more. Welcome to Sands Point Preserve.