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Introducing the Mini Doc

From Rehearsal to Stage: The Columbia School of the Arts Thesis Production of “Where Do We Live”

Scene fro "Where Do We Live"

In keeping with our longstanding belief that advertising communications should be the opposite of hype and the apotheosis of hope, we are now exploring the Mini-Doc, a documentary format much shorter than the norm, but longer than the typical internet video. The aim is to show potential students a slice of life of the theatre program they’ve dreamed of; and to get them to imagine themselves in the role of an acting student studying in New York at Columbia with the likes of the legendary director and master teacher, Ron Van Lieu.

There is another level to our method. The film has been produced and directed in cooperation with Daniel Fermín Pfeffer, a graduate of the Columbia School of the Arts MFA in Film Directing. For the past few months, Daniel has been embedded in our company, learning from us… and teaching us, too. One can’t imagine a more organic approach to promoting a client’s work.

It’s just another stage in the AD Lubow commitment to selling by telling the truth. Have a look at the mini-doc here.

And if you or someone you know has always dreamed of studying acting at a world-class University in the heart of the theatre capital of the world, please watch, get inspired and learn more.

Singing the Praises

Pope Francis at Madison Square Garden

For more than a quarter of a Century, our company has been singing the praises of educators and students, maestros and musicians, public service unions and private bankers, CEOs and rank and file workers, conservationists and water treatment workers, research scientists and home care nurses, young activists and seasoned actors—on the world stage as well as the New York stage, prima ballerinas and members of the corps, chorus girls and choir girls, local pastors and yes, even Popes.

From soup kitchens to grand hotel ballrooms and massive arenas, from local classrooms to celebrated lecture halls and world-class museums, our platform primarily has been the 395-year old experiment in cacophonous harmony known as New York. Like birds in the thick of the forest, we sing not because we’re happy. We are happy because we sing.

Happy Holidays to all!

Our Wish for the Holidays: Harmony and Understanding

You may be noticing a pattern in our work this year. Whether the medium be film, animation, multimedia, website, a children’s book, a lullaby, an ad or even a holiday card, it’s all about finding harmony and understanding, singing with our hearts and minds as one. We hope you enjoy the magical wish inherent in this lovely animation by Mei Li and the creative staff at AD Lubow.

The moving holiday card we created for the President of Barnard College encapsulates our wish for all our clients and friends.

Happy Holidays!

Congratulations to Greta Thunberg

Congratulations to Greta Thunberg on being named 2019 TIME Person of the Year; and to our very own superstar, Mei Li, for this remarkable animated tribute to Greta’s courageous United Nations speech. Schools all over the world are showing this animation. Please let us know if you’d like to play this for your class and or conservation organization. PLEASE SHARE IF YOU CARE ABOUT OUR PLANET.

What will the winners of the Regeneron Science Talent Search Award do in the Future? Let’s see.

In 1976, Don Harless, director of the Westinghouse Science Talent Search handed a first prize to Bronx High School of Science prodigy, George Yancopoulos. Fast forward three decades. George has become the co-founder, President and Chief Scientific Officer of Regeneron Pharmaceuticals, now the sponsor and namesake of the Science Talent Search. Harless, in his eighties by now, shows up at the latest Regeneron Talent Search Award ceremony to shake the hand of George Yancopoulos. Why? Because the year before, Harless was nearly blind, and a Regeneron drug called Eyelea® reversed his macular degeneration.

This year, George Yancopoulos was honored with Columbia University’s Hamilton Award, the most prestigious prize given to an alumnus. As George, in our short film, says: “Columbia changed my life… It’s the spirit of asking questions, it’s the challenging of the status quo, it’s the wondering about the science. If you ask questions to Professors — and they may not have even thought about the question before — and they say: that’s a great question — that is the basis of promoting new thought and creativity.”

What might the winners of the Regeneron Talent Search Award do for George down the road? Let’s see.

Fervent Moderation

See our film for the New York Bankers Association:

When we were asked to write and produce a video for the 125th Anniversary of the New York Bankers Association, we asked CEO Mike Smith whether we could make the piece not only about what happens when rivals work together for the common good, but to advocate for what we call “fervent moderation.” To our delight, Mr. Smith and his Public Affairs Director, Karen Armstrong, said: “Yes, that’s exactly the message needed right now.” The film was shown to great acclaim at the NYBA convention last week. And the featured guest speaker, Doris Kearns Goodwin, remarked several times about why the film resonated. The author of “Team of Rivals” should know.

Respect for other people’s views makes for civil discussion. Civilized discussion makes for problem-solving. Problem-solving makes for progress. Our message to the body politic of our nation: Moderates, speak up, Fervently!

A Climate for Change: A Tribute to Greta Thunberg

On September 23, 2019, Greta Thunberg, gave an impassioned speech at the United Nations Climate Action Summit. We created this piece not only to celebrate Greta’s valor, but also to encourage young people everywhere to stand up for what they believe.

Toward that end, the animator Mei Li and the writer, A.D. Woods are making their piece available to schools and conservation groups for use on social media and for projection at assemblies and special conferences. For information, e-mail here.

If you are as moved by Greta’s plea for the planet, please share this with your friends and colleagues.

©2019 AD Lubow and Mei Li.

Out of the Woods

Again in the spirit of our 25-year quest to do some good for the Earth, with Dakoit Pictures, we’ve co-written a documentary on the three years it took to plan, design and build the new Mountaintop Arboretum Education Center in the highest part of the Catskill Mountains. We salute Larry McCaffrey, Byron Knief and the other Board Members who made this beautiful building happen. Please enjoy this 7-minute short version of the film.

The Juilliard String Quartet Performs at Our Office

Juilliard String Quartet

Over the course of our 25 years, AD Lubow has promoted so many of the greats in music and dance — from The New York Philharmonic to American Ballet Theatre to Tilles Center for the Arts— hailing stars of the stature of Anne-Sophie Mutter, Kurt Masur, Renée Fleming, Misty Copeland, Diana Vishneva, Natalia Osipova, Mikhail Baryshnikov and so many others.

This week, as a kind of anniversary gift, the world-renowned Juilliard String Quartet performed Benjamin Britten’s 3rd Quartet for us and our guests at our Fifth Avenue office, staying around for a lively Q&A discussion afterwards. We are deeply honored and so very thankful to this transcendently talented group of artists. We urge you to attend their concerts whenever you get the chance.

Once More With Feeling

A New Team Member You Should Know About —
The Animator, Mei Li

We opened our doors 25 years ago with the motto: Advertising that Moves People. Ever true to that credo, we’re proud to announce that the brilliant animator and illustrator, Mei Li, has joined our team. To understand the depth of her talent and the range of her emotion, all you have to do is view her award-winning animated short: The Blue Butterfly.

To see more of Mei Li’s work, please see her sizzle reel here.

Please also enjoy the animated multimedia book that she created with agency creative director, Arthur Lubow. “Suo Gan: A Welsh Lullaby for the World” is now available on the iBooks store.

If you want to add true meaning and emotional depth to your films and social media, please email Arthur Lubow to begin the conversation. Our team promises to create something truly special for you and your organization. After all, if you want to move products and services, first you have to move… people.